Anonymous: but gerard isnt gay he has a wife


are you new here omg

Anonymous: Top 5 pictures of Patrick


this has just become patrick stump making weird faces spam im not sorry


oh mY GOD

I found it. my all time favorite picture of patrick.


I may have taken the best picture of Patrick Stump in existence.


i know god is at work on this planet when patrick sweats through his shirts and they become see through

n i p p l e s


and of course


I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s happening in hq. You’re welcome.




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Okay so I just reviewed all the bands on Warped like I do every year.

Must sees are:  Anberlin, Attila, Beartooth, Breathe Carolina, Cute Is What We Aim For, Falling In Reverse, Front Porch Step, Mayday Parade, Mixtapes, and Of Mice and Men

and a bunch of others are If Time Permits, like Chunk!, Every Time I die, MIW, Plague Vendor, The Maine, etc.  It was hard this year u feel.

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“I always saw myself doing something with him and I always will. If we decided we weren’t doing My Chem anymore, I’d still do something with Mikey. I couldn’t not.”