Do u ever cry

yes a lot
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i love this episode of the walking dead


On a deeper note:
Do you see Tyler’s face in that picture on Jenna’s Instagram? His smile is honestly the one thing that gives me hope. Knowing that he was once filled with a similar sadness but is now so happy… It gives me hope, it makes me want to live to see another day. So, I want to say thank you. Thank you Tyler. Thank you for being alive, I guess is what I’m getting at. Thank you for staying alive and writing inspiring music and sharing a piece of you life with us. Whatever the future holds for you, for Jenna, for Josh, for the whole Twenty One Pilots Crew…we will follow you there. I’m so proud to call myself a member of the Skeleton Clique today especially. You’ve changed our lives for the better. Your lyrics and your ukulele and your piano playing and Josh’s drumming, your guys’ humor and general vibe is amazing and I’m so happy to know your music. So, on behalf of the entire skeleton clique,

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huge shout out to ryanrossdick for the amazing graphic
i’m finally doing my tumblr awards!! this is in celebration of this blog hitting 1k and all of you guys because i love you all so much and i wouldn’t be here today without you!!!!
other than that, i don’t really have a whole lot to say except the categories and the rules. there are going to be 20 categories, mostly based off members and eras of panic but then i put fob and mcr in too and then i ran out of ways to match members with awards so ignore the fact that half of them are ????

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out Award - Best URL
Andy Hurley Award - Best Mutual
Brendon Urie Award - Best Panic! blog
Brent Wilson Award - Best Original Posts
Dallon Weekes Award - Biggest Crush
Daniel Isaac Award - Most Under Appreciated Blogger
Frank Iero Award - Best Posts
Gerard Way Award - Best Art
Joe Trohman Award - Best Friend
Jon Walker Award - Nicest Blogger
Mikey Way Award - Best MCR Blog
Nothing Rhymes With Circus Award - Best Overall
Patrick Stump Award - Best FOB Blog
Pete Wentz Award - Best Fics
Pretty Odd Award - Best Icon
Ray Toro Award - Best Tags
Ryan Ross Award - Best Ryan Blog
Spencer Smith Award - Best Domain
Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die Award - Best Imagines
Vices & Virtues Award - Best Theme


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only reblogs count
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only have to reblog once to enter
if you want to go for a specific category, message me
if you’re going to run for the best fob blog, best panic blog, or best mcr blog, it might help to follow my panic, fob, and mcr blogs, 
ends july 16th, 2014 so i can post winners after i go on vacation
i think that’s it so please enter this




a god complex is when youre so narcassistic that you feel invicible like normal laws of humanity dont apply to you, this is sometimes dangerous, like a loaded gun. therefore when someone feeds your ego they are cocking it and eventually you will pull the trigger and do something dangerous 

a loaded god complex cock it and pull it



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They’re so fucking excited. Just look. They can’t contain themselves.
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"We have to make up an excuse for what I’ve written later on when someone asks me. The majority of my lyrics are just lines from poems I’ve written, it’s mainly just words, words that hopefully paint a picture." - Kurt Cobain.



Raise your hand if you’re crying because tyler


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